Katie Checken (KC Energy) is an astrologer, writer, and architect from Melbourne. Katie draws links between spirituality and creativity, with a focus on the benefits these practices have on mental health. She uses astrology as a tool for self-understanding, grounding, and wellness. Through this Katie provides her readers with the knowledge they need to do the same.

This quarterly forecast report analyses the astrological energy for three zodiac seasons between the 20th of March to 20th of June (Aries, Taurus, and Gemini seasons) These reports give a well-rounded view of upcoming astrology with helpful tips in making the most of the energy surrounding us in that season. She provides as much information as is necessary for readers to get the most out of the report, including explanations of the planets, zodiac signs, the house system and definitions of words she commonly uses. It is written for astrologers from beginner to advanced, as well as open-minded individuals sensitive to subtle energies.

The front cover artwork has been created for the report by the artist Kara Mandel.

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